Day Two

[ Happy Mood: Happy ]
The plan for Sunday was to meet at the same place at 11:30. The weather and winds were to be a bit different today. I had a heck of a time getting out of bed Sunday morning. I was tired and really stiff. After being up a few hours and moving about I was feeling a lot better. The outsides of my arms were the worst part. I wasn’t looking forward to resting a glider on my arms today. But I was really looking forward to some great tows today. Maybe even work on a small turn or two.

I arrived at the field a little late – 12:00. Everyone was just BS’ing around the trunk. I hadn’t missed anything yet. There was one guy from yesterday and eventually four new people. One was a rusty 20+ year pilot I recognized him from my first go around years ago.

Eventually we started to setup all the gliders and Mark layed out the tow line. By the time we finished setting up the wind shifted about 60 degrees so Mark decided to shift the tow direction to match. Meanwhile I decided to do some ground runs. Ugh, that hurts my arms. I did about 4 or 5 ground runs with a harness. Each one was better than yesterday. I know I was getting better because I wasn’t working as hard as yesterday. Mark was really pleased with what he saw.

Only three or four tows took place during all this time. The wind decided to shift again and was another 60 degrees cross from the new setup. And this was the worst possible direction for the field. It’s the shortest length with telephone lines on the upwind side. The few flights that did happen were during lulls with real light cross winds.

Mark was about to call it a day at 4:30 when we all agreed to wait 30 minutes more. Why not, we’ve been waiting 3 hours already – what’s another 30 minutes.

About 25 minutes later it got real good. Two people did nice tows and I was to be up next. And then it settled back into the cross wind again and it was up to 10 knots. Too much for me at this point. It lulled to about 5 knots and 60 degrees cross. Mark had me get into position for a practice ground run in the cross wind to see how I could handle it. I actually did a great run. the glider yawed a bunch into the wind but I handled it properly and kept going in the right direction. Mark was very pleased with what he saw so we headed back to do it for real.

Of course by the time I was ready to go the wind had picked up again. After 10 minutes Mark called it a day. Bummer. It never did get better again so it turned out be the right call.

After we finished packing up we did the usual wrap up with each person. Despite being disappointed I didn’t get a tow today I was quite pleased with my ground runs. And so was Mark. He was real happy with my day.

I’m scheduled to try again this coming weekend weather permitting. So think good thoughts and dream of great tows.

Until next week . . .


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