Monthly Archives: July 2007

Test flew a WW Sport 2 155 today

It’s been four weeks since my last lesson Sad but today it all worked out. It was hot at the tow field today. It hit 100 today and we are starting at 5000′ so the density altitude was about 8500′. Since I hadn’t flown in a while I did a tow on the school Falcon 195. The tow went well though I wasn’t as relaxed as I should have been. I headed back and setup a landing. There was a huge gradient today so keeping on speed was important. I got on final OK and waited for the flare. I ended up flaring a little early and a bit too hard. I climbed a bit and didn’t hold it enough but came down OK on my feet. Less than ideal but not too bad.

I decided I wanted to do another tow on the Falcon before I tried out the Sport 2. My next tow was much more relaxed and my landing was better.

Steve (a new hang 2 now shopping for a glider) was also trying out the Sport 2. We ended up taking turns towing up the Sport 2.

On my first tow the conditions were getting good. Thermals was kicking through the field. I waited for a good cycle and went. I had a pretty good tow up to about 500 feet. I made a few small over corrections during the tow but nothing that got out of control. I flew through two big thermal on tow and ended up releasing in the sink – oops. I was able to get a few 360s in some lift. The double surface Sport 2 definitely turns a bit different than the big falcon I’ve been flying but it’s a good different. I came in and setup a nice approach and stuck the landing. I was ready to write a check before I even unhooked.

I did another tow a bit later and went through a HUGE thermal seconds after my feet left the ground. I gained a bit on that one then hit a second big thermal 20 seconds later. I signaled for a release and turned. I managed two 360s before I lost it but I gained a good bit. I flew back toward the launch area with still 400 feet. I setup into the wind and flew right over everyone – pretty cool. Nailed a real good landing. I was easily landing this glider much better than the Falcon.

I have little doubt I will be buying this glider. It’s used but it has less than ONE hour on it. The current owner is too heavy for the 155 and is getting a 175. I’m on the top end of the 155 but I am actively working on moving down the weight range a bit. So far (two flights) I love it.

Hopefully I’ll get a few more flights on it tomorrow.