Road Trip to Las Vegas – Day 1 – Driving to Utah

A few weeks ago I decided to head to Utah to fly for a few days. After some planning it was decided to meet some folks at Hurricane for the weekend. Pilots from Las Vegas, Denver, and SLC where thinking of going. But as it got close it was determined the winds weren’t going to be cooperative. I was also thinking of heading to SLC to get a day or two at the Point. But SLC was getting rain and snow.

So the plan was updated to head from Denver to Las Vegas with a stop in Cedar City. Today Spark and I hit the road leaving Denver about noon. We drove out I-70 and stopped for the night in Richfield, UT. The forecast is looking good for a flight in Cedar City tomorrow.

The drive went through some beautiful areas including the Glennwood Canyon, Colorado and Green River, UT. But the winds were tough all day. Strong cross winds most of the drive. I had the steering wheel turned 30-40 degrees just to drive straight.

So let’s hope for some good conditions tomorrow. It’s been almost 4 weeks since I flew at Wallaby.


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