Road Trip to Las Vegas – Day 3 – Blown Out

Our first day in Las Vegas was met with lots of dust and wind despite a forecast for light winds. Given the direction we headed out to a dry lake bed used for towing. Most of the time we were there you couldn’t see too far. LOTS of dust blowing around. But you sure could see the thermals well. So after sitting around for a couple of hours we decided it wasn’t going to get any better.

Radwhacker discovered he was missing a tip wand from his last flight. So he and I drove to the CA state line (about 15 miles) and picked up the wand. We then went on an LZ tour of the two likely sites we would be flying when the wind cooperated. All the LZs are interesting. Lots of Joshua trees, Yucca plants, and other small desert fauna. The LZs are basically small area with no Joshua trees. Anyone used to big grassy LZs would not be happy here Wink

The launches (which we didn’t drive up to) are at the top of desolate mountains. It’s a humbling area to be in. There is NOTHING around for miles. You better have water with you if you land out at all.

Rad then took me to a little biker bar down the road a bit. It was pretty busy. They have a BBQ a lot of weekends. We had filling lunch and headed back into town. We had a relaxing evening eating some really good pizza and watching "Hell Boy".

The forecast for Sunday isn’t looking too good – more strong winds. Time will tell.


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