Road Trip to SF – Day 3 – Driving: Elko to San Francisco

The word of the day is "wind". Too much wind. And strong, and cross, and gusty. Not a lot of fun driving today. 9 hours with stops. And there was a lot of wind. And it seems half of I-80 is under construction.

I left Elko, NV about 9:30am and arrived at the hotel about 6:30pm. I checked-in and dropped off some gear then drove straight to Fort Funston – about 2.5 miles away. They were having their monthly club meeting at 7:30. It seemed like a good way to get all signed up and meet some of the guys.

Wednesday isn’t looking too good for flying the Fort or McClure. Some guys are heading up to Hull. I may join them but it’s a 3-4 hour drive. I’m only going if I can get a ride. I’m just too burned out on driving.

So tonight I play catch-up. Tomorrow may be a good day to relax, get some rest, and do a little sight seeing in the area. Maybe I’ll rent a bicycle. No wait, that’s not rest.

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