Road Trip to SF – Day 4 – Hospital Visit

[ Sleepy Mood: Sleepy ]
So it’s 3:30am and I just got back from the hospital. It’s not what you’re thinking. I didn’t fly today. Since I’ve been under the weather a bit and Tuesday wore me out from all the high wind driving I slept in late Wednesday. When I finally was ready there was no wind. I sat around a bit, had lunch and eventually drove over to Fort Funston. My main reason for going over there was to walk the beach. I’ve only seen the Pacific ocean 3 times in my life.

As the day wore on I was starting to feel worse. I went back to the hotel mid afternoon and vegged out all day. At least it wasn’t flyable – I wasn’t missing anything.

My head was getting worse and worse. I couldn’t sleep. So finally about 2am I gave up and went to the hospital. My suspicions were on the money – I have a sinus infection. So the next few days I will be taking antibiotics and pain meds. I took the first round a few minutes ago. I’m hoping to kill time for the drugs to kick in so I can sleep. I’m exhausted. I’ll probably read this later and discover it’s not in English.

So how’s your vacation? surrender


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