Road Trip to SF – Day 8 – More Funston

Yesterday wiped me out due to this darn sinus infection. Despite great conditions today I just didn’t have it in me to fly. I didn’t get up until almost noon. Bummer. I went out to my car about 2:30 to get something and was worn out when I got back to the room. At 4:30 I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to head over to Funston. I was actually feeling more alive. When I got there I saw a bunch of gliders setup and several in the air. The ceiling was at about 700′. I heard some stories of guys graying out heading to Westlake.

I setup and was feeling pretty good. I dressed warmer than yesterday. It was quite chilly (low 50s) and breezy. The wind was straight out of the west at 15-20. I suited up, hooked in, and walked out to launch. Remembering yesterday’s near disaster launch I was really on top of this one. Due to the wind I did a nice, fun moon-walk launch.

I spent the next 80 minutes enjoying nice ridge lift on the Pacific ocean. It was fatter than yesterday but not quite as smooth. Nothing to complain about of course. I flew with about 4-6 gliders at any given time including a rigid. I also got fairly close to a hawk a couple of times. The beach was looking pretty small today – not a good day to land down there.

I finally got around to getting my camera out of my new camera pouch on the side of my harness. I got it out OK but I couldn’t get it back in. In the process I pulled the pocket off of the harness (it was held on with velcro) and dropped it on the cliff face. Luckily the camera was safety tied and I still had it. But it was hanging down and I didn’t want to land that way. I spent some time stuffing it in another pocket and making sure my zipper pull wasn’t tangled. Oh well.

Not wanting to over do it today I decided to land before I got too tired. I ensured the landing area was truly clear and I setup a nice left hand approach and did a fun, floaty, no stepper landing and walked over to the setup area to break down.

I felt a bit tired but not overly so. I’m hopeful that I’m on the mend and will be able to fly Monday without any issue.

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