Road Trip to SF – Day 12 – POTM and Home

We met at 7am for breakfast then headed over to the south side of POTM. A few paragliders were getting sledders but there wasn’t too much wind. A few guys started setting up hang gliders. I wasn’t in a rush. It was looking too good and it was supposed to turn north later. But a while later it seemed to be picking up so I decided to setup. Bad idea. By 11:30 it still hadn’t gotten any good so we all broke down. Day Dreamer and another guy took sledders to the bottom but the rest of us packed up. A whole bunch of us headed out to lunch. It was almost 3pm by the time we left the restaurant. It was blowing north a bit. I dropped MysticWizard and his son off at the hotel and I drove up to the north side. No one was there but it was blowing in nicely. Not quite soarable but looking good. I walked around a bit. They are making good progress on the new park. Soon some other pilots started showing up. Several of us setup in anticipation of a repeat of the night before (which I was there for). Radwhacker and Sicko Wayne showed up along with several other pilots.

Soon the paragliders were there too. One or two tried to fly. One couldn’t stay up. Eventually one of the hang gliders gave it a shot, then another. Both top landed after only getting up about 80 feet. And that’s how it went. At 7:30 I gave up and broke down. Second time for the day having not flown. Crying or Very sad

I loaded up the car, said some goodbyes and hit the road. My plan was to drive to Rock Springs, WY and finish the drive to Denver on Friday. An hour into the drive I decided to go the whole way straight through. The GPS was showing a 4:45am arrival at home – 8 hours total. It was a long night but I made it with only one stop. I pulled into the garage on fumes as the sun started coming up. I went straight to bed and slept until noon.


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