Road Trip to Crestline Day 1 – Denver to San Bernardino

I left Denver about 9:05am MDT and arrived at the hotel in San Bernardino (S.B. from now on) at 11:45pm PDT – nearly 16 hours. Exactly 15 hours actual driving time. In a car without A/C it was hot. Driving through Las Vegas at about 8pm left me feeling like the expression "Hotter than Hell" was actually true.

The good news was the drive was totally uneventful. There was a lot of construction though. Closed lanes on I-70 in Colorado and Utah. Closed lanes on I-15 in Nevada and California. Only one caused any delay and even that was only 5 or so minutes.

The only construction problem was when I was 2 miles from the hotel. I got off of I-215 (or I guess you strange CA folks would say "the 215") and the turn I was supposed to make had me on a closed road. So I kept going and the updated GPS direction took me to another closed road. One more change had me back on I-215 then right back off. Finally made it. Figures this would happen when I’m the most tired, it’s the most dark, and I’m so close to the end.

Not a big deal. I checked in and got some sleep. Looking forward to 5 or 6 full days of flying. Stay tuned.


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