Road Trip to Crestline Day 2 – First Crestline Flight

I called Rob McKenzie at 7:30am to get a ride. The plan was to head up at 3pm. But I found out the Wills Wing guys were going to be at Andy Jackson so I headed over there to watch some test flights.

I headed back over there at 2:30 and met some of the locals then loaded up with several other guys for the ride up to Crestline. The road up is quite amazing – the way it is built into the side of the mountain. When we got to the launch area it was blowing in quite a bit.

We all setup and people started flying. I was one of the last few to launch. The sky near launch had quite a few gliders in it. The lift was light and most guys were only getting a 100′ or so above launch. I launched and got into the mix. It was quite a free-for-all. I couldn’t stay in as close as I wanted due to the crowds so I was having trouble staying up.

I left the main area in front of launch and headed to the right not finding much. After getting 400 below launch I decided to head out. Found very little on the way out. Once in between Marshall and the LZ I found some small thermals. I was able to extend my flight some but I couldn’t stay in the thermals enough to be too effective. Plus I was tired and my arms were worn out. I eventually got low enough to think about an approach. I boated around to the north of the LZ until it appeared to be time head in. My downwind was fairly far away so I had a long base leg. I had lots of speed to help bleed off my altitude. I turned final and got fully upright. I was heading for the spot. I noticed the flags were showing wind from the south so I did a shallow turn a bit more into the wind. Like my first Lookout flight this bled off a lot of my energy and I found it was time to flare suddenly. I was still 10 feet up. I did my usual flare and floated down. I landed with a no stepper near the spot but the glider came down on the basetube lightly because I didn’t hold the glider up. Bad habit I need to break. Overall it was OK. I had a good launch and good approach. The flare was weak and my soaring skills weren’t too good today. I was worn out from the previous day’s long drive.


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