Road Trip to Crestline Day 3 – Another Crestline Flight

Another nice day with lots of pilots. I launched into a nice breeze and tried to work the light ridge lift but there were too many gliders for my comfort. I couldn’t really get in the lift band – a lot like yesterday. I eventually headed toward the billboard but I was low and couldn’t get up. As I sunk out I headed out toward the Marshall area. I ended up working some nice thermals up about 1000′ before finally losing it. It was bumpy. The thermals were small and I went over the falls a couple of times and got kicked around some. Eventually I decided to head in to land. I had plenty of altitude and slowly came down to the east of the LZ. I suddenly realized I was getting too low and was pretty far out. I made a straight line to the base of the training slope thinking I wasn’t going to make the LZ. But I somehow did and had a real nice no stepper next to the spot circle. It was fun flying with several folks on this list including DbyD, KK, Noman, and DayDreamer along with several locals.

Crestline is quite a site. The flying weather is consistent, the LZ is beautiful with all the grass and shade structure. These guys are spoiled rotten.

Here’s some landing pics:




Noman seconds later


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