Road Trip to Crestline Day 5 – Crestline Flight #4

Another fabulous day of flying at Crestline. The winds were a little lighter today and the thermals were booming again at times. Another day of landing when I wanted and not when I had to. I was the last one off amongst the 1:30 crowd. I launched into another boomer of a thermal. I was almost 600 over in less than two minutes. I was higher than most other gliders right off. Of course it didn’t stay that way. I stayed in the general area of launch for about 25 minutes plus one pass over to Billboard. Not much. I decided to head over toward Marshall as there were lots of gliders (both types) getting up over there. At 400 over launch I head over to Marshall. Once there I was sinking out and thinking of landing. But then I hit a boomer and got a great ride up. with a gain of about 1500 feet. But I was getting tired and decided to land. I left the mountain and flew over toward the college. I flew straight through some great lift but wasn’t trying to get up at all. I boated over the college and worked my way down to land. I came in hot and flared a spec too soon and didn’t hold my flare as usual. On my feet but the control frame came down hard. But it was a fun flight with Dave, Brian, Glenn, and lots of locals.

Brian and Glenn headed back up North after today’s flying. I am very glad to have had the chance to fly with them the last few days. They are good guys and I hope to see them again soon. Plus it was fun watching Brian nearly overshoot the LZ today – good save Noman!


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