Road Trip to Crestline Day 6 – Last Crestline Flight

One last Crestline flight for this trip. Dave, Dusty, Stein, and a couple of others went up on the 4pm McShuttle. It was looking like a typical day but being a bit later the thermals were weaker. I was the last to take-off (again) and spent the first part of the flight working light lift on the main ridge near launch. Dave did a close pass with me. It was cool having him so close but at the same time I was nervous. Eventually I decided to give Billboard a try. I got there about 200 over launch which is about even there. I hit a raspy thermal that was doing weird things to my glider. It took me a couple of shots at it before I figured it out and started going up. I maxed out at about 600 over and was looking over at Pine. Two gliders had gone over there. I started to head that way and 10 seconds later I chickened out and decided to play on Marshall instead. I spent the rest of the flight having fun staying up in light lift. I flew all over the Marshall/Regionals area hitting little spots of lift here and there. It was a lot of fun and more mellow being late in the day. I eventually decided to head out. The sun was blocked now by a big cloud and I thought it might shutdown. But to my surprise it stayed fairly lifty the whole time I head out over the LZ. I just boated around near the LZ slowly sinking my way down. I finally got low enough to setup my approach. I used the VASI on my downwind. I was right on the glide slope but my base wasn’t close enough to the hill so I was a bit high as I turned final. I did two S-Turns and overflew the spot. I leveled out, bled off the speed, and did my best landing of the trip – yeah! What a great way to end a fun flight and a great trip.

This trip has been so wonderful – well worth the long drive getting here. I’m just amazed at how consistent this site is. I’ve never been to a site where the wind blows straight in everyday, all day. I had 5 days of excellent flying. Except for maybe the first day I landed by choice each day, not when I sunk out. I definitely need to work out some. I landed because I was worn out.

The LZ here is a joy. Nice grass, nice shade structure. The CSS folks have a special place (and they know it). If you have never flown here please make a plan to do so. There is another fly-in this September.

Thanks everyone.


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