Road Trip to Crestline Day 7 – Drive Home

I set the alarm for 7am figuring I would be on the road by 8 and home about 1am. But I didn’t sleep well and I got woken up by a bunch of noises a bit after 5am. In a very unusual step for me I decided to just get up and go. So at 5:30am I was packing and loading the car. I checked out and hit the road at 6:10am with what gas I had in the car.

One advantage of leaving so early was that is was cool and there wasn’t any traffic jams. The downside was I couldn’t stop yawning and I had trouble keeping my eyes open. But I woke up eventually, sort of. I was worried about driving through Vegas midday but I got there about 9:30 or so and it was clouded over so it wasn’t too warm. The real heat was in Utah. Cloudless desert and midday.

I had an easy, uneventful drive home. My biggest worry, as with all of these long drives, it where to stop for gas next. I like to maximize each tank to minimize stops. But the Garmin GPS I have has no fuel planning features so it’s always a guess on when and where to stop. I did mess up once and found the sudden need to stop for gas at one of those middle-of-nowhere type places that you know will be charging a bit more for gas. This place was between Baker, CA and the NV border. I pulled in and was shocked to see regular unleaded was $5.56 a gallon! A full dollar more than the rest of CA was charging. I got 2 gallons so I could make it to the next major area – what a rip off.

There was far less construction heading home than on the trip out. Not until I got to CO did I have a lane closure. Sunset hit as I was going through Glennwood Canyon, CO. Same timing as my return from Las Vegas a few months ago. It’s very pretty in there at sunset.

I pulled into my garage at 10:50pm – 15.75 hours after leaving the hotel in San Bernardino, CA. I was wiped out.

No more long trips planned until the TTC in late September. I think I’ll be staying in Colorado until then. Though a trip to Utah can’t be ruled out.

Until next time…

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