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WWDD 09 – Day 2 – Tandem Refresher

I got to Wallaby about 7:45 (ugh, that’s rough when still on mountain time) hoping to crank out a tandem and a few solos in the calm morning air. I signed the waiver and headed to the flight line. Most of the same crew was working Wallaby this year as last. It was nice to see everyone again. But there was a miscommunication somewhere and the crew didn’t realize I was waiting for a tandem. I watched a few folks get their tandems (lots of discovery flights going on). Then I noticed others arriving after me getting their flights too. Hmmm. Maybe I should speak up. So I spoke to Carolina asking if she knew I was waiting and she said no. Oops. So now I’m on the list. I’m sure this was all my fault. No big deal. But Malcolm was busy. By 9:30 I still hadn’t flown. So I spoke to Carolina again to see if I could just go up with one of the other guys. After a few minutes Malcolm agreed I could get checked out with Stevie so the two of us chatted for a minute and up we went. I launched and did the whole tow, flight, and landing getting a few reminders from Stevie. It was getting a little punchy by this time and I had to work hard to stay in position. Tandems on the big Falcon are a lot more work than solos in higher performance gliders.

I thought I was doing so-so since I’m a bit of a perfectionist but Stevie said I did real well. I setup a nice approach and we did a wheel landing. By the time we were done it was about time for breakfast so that was it for the morning. So much for my original plan. But I was cleared to do a solo on my next flight. I figured I would wait until evening for the solo so I made no plan to fly between breakfast and lunch. I used all that time to video a bunch of tows and landings.

Unfortunately the winds picked up after lunch so there was no flying late in the day. And as it turned out there were periods in the afternoon it was plenty calm enough for me to do my solo. Oh well. There is tomorrow morning.

The biggest issue is that the weather for Thursday and Friday, and even tomorrow afternoon, don’t look too good.


WWDD 09 – Day 1 – Denver to Wallaby

It’s Monday the 30th and I wake up to a blizzard. Great, I have a flight to Orlando in a few hours. But first I have to take my son to school, come back home, finish packing, and load the car. On the way to the airport I need to stop at my ex’s house to drop off a bunch of stuff for our son.

Late Saturday night my son (7 years old) and I returned from a 2500 mile road trip. We drove from Denver to California and back. Stops included Meteor Crater, the Grand Canyon, Pacific ocean (in Oceanside), LEGOLAND, Hoover dam, and Las Vegas. We had a blast and Daniel did real well despite all the driving.

Now I was off to Wallaby Ranch near Orlando to attend the Wills Wing Demo Days event. This will be my second year. Unfortunately the weather forecast isn’t looking nearly as good as last but it’s still a nice vacation.

When I get to the airport I find just about all flights have been delayed an hour. The weather was actually starting to clear but the short storm dropped two inches quickly and caused the morning issues. So after a the extra wait I was off to Orlando. I would be sharing a house in Davenport with Axo and a friend of his from Miami and PhantomFlyer.

I arrived at the house about 8pm. Axel and Daniel were already settle in. Gary would be arriving tomorrow night.

I haven’t aerotowed since this event last year so my plan is to do a tandem first thing in the morning to knock the rust off and get reminded about all the details of this form of launching. Then I want to get a solo in on the Falcon and then the Sport 2. Then finally to work up to the U2. I have a U2 160 on order and should have it by mid-April. But I’ve never flown one. I put about 45 hours on my Sport 2 last season. My last flight was in October except for a real short scooter tow about 30 days ago.

Let the fun begin.