WWDD 09 – Days 4 and 5 – Weathered Out

Thursday and Friday saw no flying at Wallaby. Thursday was too windy. Friday had lots of rain and wind in the morning and just too much wind in the afternoon. But the forecast for Saturday looks great.

I spent both days just hanging around Wallaby. Gary, Bob and I did make a trip to some stores for a while though.

Mike from Wills Wings did a great 15 minute talk that lasted 2 1/2 hours. There were about 40-50 pilots in the tent listening to the impromptu discussion with lots of good questions. Topics included sprog settings, glider testing, and a bunch of other things. Good stuff – thanks Mike.

I had the fortune of sitting with Mike and Steve one night at dinner. Since they are in the middle of building my U2 I asked them about the process and what goes on during the 6 or so weeks it takes right now to deliver a glider. It was very interesting to hear but it’s too much for me to get into here. But here’s the Readers Digest version:

1) Cut tubing
2) Cut sail
3) Assemble
4) Test fly
5) Deliver

Hope that helps Wink

It was great seeing people again and meeting new pilots during these down days (as well as during flying days). I suck at names and have a terrible memory for this sort of thing so I won’t mention anyone specific so I don’t insult anyone. Embarassed

But there were maybe half a dozen folks from this site that I chatted with. It was fun running into someone I met on one of my road trips last year. Trying to figure out which site we met at.


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