WWDD 09 – Day 7 – Going Home

My flight is at 3pm so I have some time. I decided to sleep in a bit. We had to be out of the house by 10am so that’s what we all did. Cleaned up a bit and stripped all of the beds. Hopefully I get all of my deposit back.

We all headed over to Wallaby for breakfast. A few people were towing but most were content to relax or recover from last night.

After breakfast I chatted a bit with various folks and headed to the office to pay my Wallaby bill. 15 meals, drinks, 7 tows, 1 tandem, and a t-shirt for my son. One advantage of the two days off – much cheaper bill.

About 12:30 I said the last of my "see you laters" and headed off to the airport. It was nearly 90 degrees when I left and when I arrived in Denver is was 30 and snowing lightly. It was good to be home but I’ll miss the fun and all the great people.

I now anxiously await the delivery of my own U2. Hopefully in about two weeks, maybe a little less. Unfortunately between my own schedule and our snow covered mountain sites I won’t get much chance to fly her for a bit. Maybe some short scooter tows. Time will tell.

Until later….


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