TC 2009 Day 1 – Denver to St Louis

I haven’t written anything since WW Demo Days so I thought I should get back to it. I left Denver about 9:30am. I stopped about 11pm near Offallen MO I believe. Kind of near St Louis. I still have about 7.5 hours to Dunlap.

Other than a bunch of rain it was an uneventful drive right up until the end. I was starting to look for a place to stop for the night when the traffic came to a stop. There was some sort of accident. I was stopped a 1/4 mile short of an exit with a few hotels. Ok, I’ll get off here. Strangely my car decided it was time for the clutch to go. I was grinding gears trying to make it to the exit. I hung out in the shoulder incase it died for real. But luckily I made it to the exit and 3rd gear wasn’t bad at all. I made it to the hotel after some more grinding in 1st, 2nd, and reverse.

I guess I better go straight to the nearest service station in the morning. Saturday should be fun. Spending lots of time and money on the car. And it’s supposed to be thunderstorms too. I guess I’ll be late to Dunlap. Ugh.

Ironically I was talking with another pilot about his clutch going bad in his car just a couple of weeks ago while we were driving to launch in my car.


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