Road Trip to SF – Day 2 – Some flying, some driving

I’ve been a little under the weather the last few days (of course, I’m on a trip) so I didn’t get up too early to fly. Plus I didn’t get in until 2:30am and I didn’t sleep well.

I arrived at the Point about 10:30am. Two hang gliders were flying around on the south side. It was breezy and getting thermally. I setup slowly and finally head out to launch. No one was flying at the moment. I used my new found basetube launch technique and went up for a short flight. It was punchy and I was tired so I only flew about 5 or 10 minutes. I wasn’t very high so I tried to top land before I got lower. Due to my height my setup was not as I hoped. I was closer to the face of the ridge than I’m used to and I couldn’t turn enough to check my sideways drift. I came down drifting to the right a little. My base tube touched the ground and the glider stopped my body had some momentum. Not a lot but just enough to slam my arm into the back of the downtube. Ouch. No whack. The glider is fine. And I’m fine except for a rather large bruise. Oh well. Lesson learned. After a couple of minutes I walked back out to launch and went up for some more. I did two or three passes and worked a thermal up 200 feet and decided to land. This one was much better and more like I’m used to. I landed this one just fine. I walked over to the setup area and tied up my glider.

This would be all the flying I would do today at the Point. It was getting close to noon and everyone else was packing up. I was talking with Ryan Voight and Jeff O’brien. They, and a few others, were going to Inspiration that afternoon. Hmmmm. Do I join them or get on the road? I decided to join the fun and see a new sight.

We met in the LZ at 2pm and we loaded up Jeff’s car and drove to launch. There was a guy already setup when we arrived up top. It wasn’t looking great. It was strong and crossing from the left (South) a ways but we were hopeful. So we setup.

Bruce launched first and didn’t get much more than an extended sledder to the "bail out" LZ. A while later Greg launched and was able to work some lift but never got up. He made it out to the soccer field LZ. Jeff launched shortly after Greg. He did a little better but didn’t get up too much either.

Shad and I were waiting for it to get better. By 5pm we were thinking of giving it until 6. Shad got a call and had to bolt. I decided to break down and hit the road. The winds were strong and rather cross. Ryan broke down Shad’s glider then we drove the trucks down and I hit the road.

Thanks guys for the tour.

I made it to Elko, NV arriving at about 11pm (now Pacific time). I was wiped out. It’s supposed to be windy Tuesday and I have a hotel reservation in San Francisco so I’m going to drive straight through. No Slide Tuesday.


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