Road Trip to SF – Day 11 – Driving SF to SLC

I pulled out of Daly City about 9:45am and arrived in Draper, UT at 10:45pm – exactly 12 hours with the time zone change. It was a long but uneventful drive. I made my first stop just a few miles east of Reno. Just before my stop I passed several police cars each having someone pulled over. As I was passing the 3rd and last police car the cop suddenly looks at me and waves me to pull over. What!? I’m only doing 70 in the 75. Being the chump that I am, I pull over and stop on the shoulder about 100 yds down the road. The guy already has another car pulled over so I figure I might be there a bit waiting my turn. I can’t even guess why he pulled me over. So I use the time to dig out my registration and insurance info. Uh, Oh. My insurance card expired last week. I have insurance, just no card to prove it. Just as I’m discovering this the officer knocks on my window and quickly states that I was NOT who he wanted to pull over, it was some other car. He then quickly tore off down the highway. Yeah. So I got going and pulled off the next exit for food and gas.

After a short stop I was about to pull back onto I-80 when two hitchhikers jumped up holding a sign saying "CO". They immediately noticed my Colorado license plate and got real excited. I don’t know why but I decided to pull over and give them a ride. I told them I was only going to SLC but they were happy to get that far. They were an interesting couple of guys. They just met 20 minutes earlier and just both happen to be going to Colorado – two different places though. Other than them needing a shower and deodorant it was a pleasant drive with some interesting stories and rounds of jokes.

I arrived at the hotel in SLC and 15 minutes later I met several guys from here – Noman, Day Dreamer, and WillMRX. I would later see MysticWizard as well.


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